Zodiac sign

Fish, Aquarius


Forehead chakra (6th) and crown chakra (7th)


Amethyst has a protective and purifying effect. The stone promotes self-insight and helps you to be honest with yourself about behavior that can be harmful and is not in the service of your highest self. For example, it helps you identify and address addictions. In addition, the stone also provides insight into emotional processes through which certain (painful) experiences can be processed and avoiding behavior in this area can also be changed. Due to its cleaning effect, amethyst is also very suitable for purifying a room. Together with rock crystal and rose quartz, it creates a harmonious atmosphere. Because it stimulates the upper chakras, it can promote intuition, spiritual growth and insights, especially for people who are at the beginning of their spiritual path. Amethyst also has a cleansing effect on the body and a positive effect on the nervous system, headaches and migraines and nightmares and other sleeping problems.


Amethyst can discolour under the influence of (bright) sunlight.

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