Zodiac sign

Sagittarius, Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Gemini


3rd chakra (solar plexus, feeling warmth)


Citrine is as powerful as it is rare. The gem has powers that are unique in their kind. This way the stone cleans itself and has direct contact with the solar energy. The stone works heart warming, counteracts depression by simply cheerfully toning his wearer every day, gives confidence and makes determination. If the stone attracts prosperity, extroverts and makes creative and energizes, then one thing is clear. Citrine is a must have.


A sunny and warming stone. The yellow mineral promotes self-confidence, self-respect, individuality, extraversion and stimulates self-realization. It provides energy, joy of life and courage and thus helps to overcome depression, (failure) fears, phobias and self-destructive behavior. The stone attracts happiness, prosperity, success, wealth and abundance and encourages the wearer to share this with others. The stone makes creative and promotes self-expression and helps to resolve conflicts within a group.


Citrine can be cleaned and recharged in all ways, but be careful with sunlight.

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