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Our Gemstones

Handmade jewelery in 925 silver - Energetic gemstones - Customization possibilities - Jewelery workshop

Image by Alexander Grey


Amethyst the stone of the soul!

The spiritual purple color of Amethyst continues to inspire people. Amethyst is therefore a protective stone with a purifying effect. Amethyst is also a stone that brings more insight. Be convinced by this stone in our handmade jewelry. All our stones are selected with precision by Harry TiLLEY.

Zodiac sign: Pisces, Aquarius

Chakra: Brow chakra (6th) and crown chakra (7e)

PUOs-200609-GG-AMTI 1.jpg


Citrine, the sunstone that makes people happy!

The citrine stone is also sometimes called sunstone because of its beautiful ocher yellow color. Citrine is a stone that fits in many jewelry and also fits many outfits. The strong solar power of this stone makes people cheerful and has a heart-warming effect. Our citrine stones are placed in our jewelry with great care by jewelry designer Harry TiLLEY.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius, Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Gemini

Chakra: 3rd chakra (solar plexus, emotional warmth)

PUOs-200310-WZ-CITR 2_Fotor.jpg
PUOs-GG-AVEN-201228 1_Fotor.jpg


Aventurine, the stone that protects and gives peace!

The soft green color of Aventurine attracts people. The stone fits perfectly in many beautiful energetic jewelry. Aventurine has a calming and protective effect and promotes a feeling of well-being. The stone attracts prosperity and luck and motivates you to make your dreams come true. Harry TiLLEY Jewels has its semi-precious stones made directly in workshops worldwide with the best quality guarantees!

Zodiac Sign: Taurus, Gemini & virgin

Chakra: Heart chakra (4th)



Aquamarine stone of balance!

The soft green-blue color of Aquamarine appeals to many. Aquamarine is used in many of our jewelry with beautiful results. Harry TiLLEY jewelery buys its stones worldwide from the best suppliers with whom he has many years of experience.

Zodiac sign: Aries, Gemini, Pisces, Aquarius

Chakra: 5th chakra (throat, organizing & creating)

Vrouw onder bomen
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Opal the sacred stone!

With Opal stone you could almost say that it is a sacred stone with its bright white or blue color and rainbow glitter. The Opal stone is therefore a cheerful, optimistic and full of life stone. The ideal stone for those who live life to the fullest. Opal is a stone that is difficult to find in its purity, Harry TiLLEY works with regular suppliers to obtain the best stones.

Zodiac sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces

Chakra: all chakras

PURs-200511-WZ-BOPA-set 2_Fotor.jpg
Rode keuken


Carnelian stands for courage!

The orange-red color of Carnelian gives a powerful yet warm touch to a jewel. Carnelian with its powerful energy that gives courage and perseverance. The harmony and energy that is created by the combination of a handmade jewel with a beautiful energetic gemstone is enormous and radiates when worn.

Zodiac sign: Aries, Cancer, Leo and Virgo

Chakra: sacrum chakra (2nd)

ENR-210501-GP-CARN 3_Fotor.jpg


Garnet stone gives strength, energy and perseverance!

The deep red warm color of the Garnet stone appeals to many. Garnet is therefore the perfect stone for jewelry, especially for handmade jewelry. Garnet stone is also the perfect stone in crisis situations. Let yourself be surrounded by this beautiful stone in one of our jewelry. Harry TiLLEY works this stone beautifully in any piece of jewelry you want. 

Zodiac sign: Aries, Leo & Scorpion

Chakra: Basic chakra (1st)

PURs-200623-WZ-GRAN 4_Fotor.jpg
PUOs-210825-WZ-GONY 1.jpg

Green Onyx

Green Onyx the anti-stress stone!

The spring green color of green Onyx also radiates spring energy to your body. Onyx is therefore also known for the stone that gives strength and perseverance to all who wear this stone. The stone provides support, strength and perseverance.

Zodiac sign Capricorn

Chakra: Heart chakra (4th)

Image by Darius Bashar
Goene Onyx
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Swarovski - zirconia

The shine of Swarovski and Zirconia!

The beautifully shiny Swarovski and Zirconia stones are widely known in jewelry. The shine of these stones equals the shine of diamonds. We only work with real Swarovski stones and the beautiful quality of Zirconia crystals. We also see that our cabochon gemstones can form a beautiful harmony with Swarovski / Zirconia. 

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-03-24 om 11.30.05.png
Swarovski - Zirconia
PURs-210913-GG-JASP 4.jpg


Jasper stone that stands up for yourself!

The beautiful earthy color of Jasper appeals to many. Jasper is slow, relaxed and very grounded, which provides comfort and a feeling that all is right with your world. Be convinced by this stone in our handmade jewelry, this stone is also known for mental stability. All our stones are selected with precision by Harry TiLLEY.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Chakra: Root chakra (1st)

Meisje met Micro Vlechten

Rock crystal

Rock crystal the amplifier of the physical body!

The clear purity of rock crystal in our jewelry remains a draw. The enormous healing power of rock crystal is one of the important factors when choosing this stone. Rock crystal is also very neutral and you can wear the jewel with many ensembles. You can find rock crystal with us in Cabochon stones or in Swarovski stones. 

Zodiac sign: Leo & Ibex

Chakra: All chakras

PUOk-WZ-CHRI-201010 2_Fotor.jpg
PUOs-210916-GG-LABR 4.jpg


Whoever chooses Labradorite chooses a strongly protective stone!

The mystical green color of Labradorite appeals to a certain audience. The dark green stone with a bluish sheen is very special. You may therefore think that Labradorite is a strongly protective spiritual stone. Take a look at our range of original jewelry with these gemstones.

Zodiac sign: Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Chakra: Solar plexus chakra (3rd), heart chakra (4th) (and throat chakra (5th) and forehead chakra (6th) if there is a blue glow).

PUHs-231006-GG-LABR 1_Fotor.jpg

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli the stone of wisdom! 

Lapis Lazuli with its beautiful name and beautiful blue color is the favorite stone of many. Spiritually, this stone brings enlightenment and wisdom and helps you walk your own path. Harry TiLLEY makes every effort to always use the most beautiful and energetic stones in his jewelry.

Zodiac sign: Virgo & Archer

Chakra: Throat chakra (5th) & forehead chakra(6th)

PUHs-210916-WZ-LAPI 3.jpg
Lapis Lazuli
ENR-210524-GP-MOON 2_Fotor.jpg


Moonstone represents fertility 

Moonstone is an enchanting gemstone that has been loved for centuries for its unique beauty and mystical appearance. The stone is a variant of orthoclase and often shows a mother-of-pearl shine, reminiscent of the moon.

Moonstone has been associated with the moon and feminine energy for centuries.

Zodiac sign: Cancer, Scorpio and Libra

Chakra: Sacral Chakra (2nd)

PUOs-210922-WZ-MOON 2.jpg
PUCg-230220-GG-OPALI 2_Fotor.jpg


Opalite the stone that clears your head!

Opalite is synthetic opalized glass. Opalite has a soothing, uplifting effect and clears the head. The stone literally and figuratively provides breathing space and helps you to hold your ground in stressful situations. Spiritually, it helps you get well-grounded into a meditative state. Jewelry with an opalite stone looks soft and provides peace.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Chakra: All



Peridot stands for power and growth!

The fruity, delicious and also refreshing Peridot stone for those who love green. Peridot is the ideal stone to let go of people who no longer fit into your life. Peridot also has a purifying effect on the body, which gives you an extra effect by wearing this stone in one of our jewelry.

Zodiac sign: Virgo, Scorpio, Leo and Sagittarius

Chakra: heart chakra (4th)

PUHs-WZ-PERI-210208 4_Fotor.jpg
PUOg-200227-WZ-RQUA 1.jpeg

Pink Quartz

Pink quartz represents unconditional love!

The soft pink stone that rose quartz radiates is the stone of receiving love and giving love. It is therefore the ideal stone for those looking for love and those in love. All our stones are selected with great care based on the purity and quality of the stone. 

Zodiac sign: Taurus and Libra

Chakra: 4th chakra

Romantische fotoshoot
Roze Quartz
Bruine handtas

Tiger's Eye

Make the right decision with Tiger Eye!

The eye of the tiger in a gemstone appeals to many, making this stone also very protective. It also gives perseverance and gives a lot of self-confidence. This stone also fits nicely in a piece of jewelry, especially in a handmade piece of jewelry. You will see that Harry TiLLEY's jewelry matches this stone perfectly.

Zodiac sign: Gemini and Leo

Chakra: base chakra (1st) and solar plexus chakra (3rd)

PUOg-200501-WZ-TIGE 1.jpg
PUHs-200319-WZ-TURQ 1_Fotor.jpg


Turquoise the strong medicinal stone!

Turquoise has long been a well-known stone, many kings and queens wore these stones in many jewelry. This stone is a strong medicinal, purifying and protective stone. This stone with the light blue color is certainly popular in the summer period. 

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius, Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius and Pisces

Chakra: Throat chakra (5th)


Freshwater pearl

Freshwater pearl reduces worries and fears!

The pureness of freshwater pearls incorporated into beautiful silver jewelry. Harry TiLLEY is passionate about pure natural stones and pearls. Enjoy jewelery with freshwater pearls here. All our jewelry can be custom made!

Chakra: All of them

PUOs-201120-WZ-PEAL 3_Fotor.jpg
Zwarte Onyx
Portret van de manier

Black Onyx

Black onyx is a power stone!

With this poisonous black stone you will regain your focus on the journey in your life. The sobriety of black in a gemstone adorns this black Onyx. The stone therefore gives you more thinking and concentration. Is also a very popular stone for those who want to keep their jewelry quite sober.

Zodiac sign Capricorn

Chakra: Earth chakra and the base chakra, but also fits very well with the solar plexus chakra and the crown chakra

PUOg-230908-WZ-BONY 3_Fotor.jpg
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