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Organize an EvenT?

For those who are interested in organizing an exclusive event with us,
see the possible formulas here



What does this mean?

The host or hostess invites between 8 and 12 visitors to her host location for an exclusive sales afternoon or evening.

Visitors receive an exclusive jewelry sale with extra benefits. We also give the option to order custom work on site.

At these events we also have our archive of unique items, of which only one is made and you can fit and purchase on site (with certificate creation date)



What are we doing?

1. We give% on sales for the hostess or host (purchase receipt).

2. Extra benefits for visitors.

3. Ordering customized work on site.

4. Buying unique jewelry from our archive

Take contact with us by this LINK



We organize or stand on a limited number

public events, such as the better Christmas markets, open days at stores or local fairs.

In the summer you will find us on the marches around our holiday residences in Fitou.


We are looking for partners for these events every year!

Harry Tilley makes original handmade silver jewelry with beautiful semi-precious stones and or Zirconia stones.

By this LINK you can make a no-obligation agreement with us

send a message or make a proposal for a collaboration!

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