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Earth chakra and basic chakra, but also fits very well with the solar plexus chakra and the crown chakra


Onyx provides perseverance and self-discipline, Onyx also increases your analytical and pragmatic
Onyx improves your focus and your ability to concentrate and gives you control over your thinking and actions.
The Onyx stone is a very good stone for grieving processing and lets you look back with satisfaction on the good times that you had with whom or what you are missing now.
Melancholy and depression, for people who are sensitive to the influence of earth rays, anger, blackness, the onyx makes this kind of negative influence disappear.


For those who are sensitive to the opinion of your environment, wear onyx. If you often go beyond your limits, the onyx can help you better monitor those limits.
For those who have grinding thoughts, fears and worries at night, Onyx takes them to the next day, where they suddenly become a lot smaller and less frightening.


Onyx is a good healing stone, the stone strengthens the natural function of the skin, and protects the skin against sunburn, pimples and inflammation. Small wounds will heal faster with onyx.
Onyx strengthens the lymphatic system, strengthens the walls of kidneys and bladder, strengthens the stomach wall and helps prevent bloating and burping.
Onyx improves all the senses and especially the hearing. Onyx helps very well with complaints that originate in the ears and are caused by reduced circulation, such as deafness, ringing in the ears and balance disorders.


Black Onyx can in principle be cleaned and recharged in all ways, the easiest way is to keep it under steaming water for 5 minutes or put it in a box together with a Hematite stone.

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