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This beautiful, shiny stone is an all-round healer that proves its power by removing energetic blockages and eliminating fatigue. The stone also purifies the blood and kidneys. Opalite helps to stabilize mood swings and promote relaxation. It is beneficial for people suffering from sleep disorders. The Opal-like stone improves emotional strength and helps to cope with changes and new situations more easily. In fact, the stone brings success. This especially on a business level, but also in loving abundance. The gemstone has a soothing, uplifting effect and clears the mind. She literally and figuratively provides relief and helps to keep you going in stressful situations. Spiritually, she helps to get grounded into a meditative state. Physically, the stone warms the body, relaxes and also makes the muscles flexible

You can also have all these jewelry made with other gemstones! You can always leave a message when ordering with instructions for customization, such as a different gemstone, or a different finish of the silver such as gold-plated silver. Read our blog about customization!

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