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Thank you for visiting our online webshop. We try to offer our customers a pleasant online purchase experience and also provide as much information as possible. On this page you may find all the answers to your questions, if you still have questions you can always pass them on via our chat or contact form.

Warm regards,

Harry & Miranda

Our team

Harry and his wife Miranda are the protagonists in this story. Harry makes the jewels and Miranda gives advice. Miranda is also available online to help you as quickly as possible.
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Foto van Harry TiLLEY
Foto van Miranda Hermans

Our Atelier

Our Atelier is located in the beautiful wine village of Fitou in the south of France. From there, our orders are shipped all over Europe and the UK. You can also visit us by appointment or pick up an order. Do you want to know more about us,then click through this link to the about us page.

Ons team

What can we help you with?

Have you seen a jewel but the size is not what you want?

If the size you want is not indicated, we can make the necklace or ring to the size you want. Ex. you want ring size for a very fine finger size 46, or you want a very short chain example 35cm, this is all possible. 

How to pass on? Place your order and put your info in the comment box when ordering or contact us via chat or message.

Have you seen a jewel but you want to have it finished differently?

The jewel you have seen in a different version, this is possible. You can have the jewel finished differently, for example in shiny silver or gold-plated silver or silver with a gray patina... You can also have a different stone placed. Ex. There is a jewel with Amethyst stone in the store, but you want a moonstone, or rather a nice shiny Swarovski stone, this is all possible.Please read this blog for this, we would like to hear from you for an adjustment, is a small effort for us ;)

You have seen a beautiful ring but you do not know your ring size. 

We have some good ways to find your ring size. We prefer that you try two ways to find out your ring size, see this link. We will then make the ring perfectly to the desired size.

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Can I return my order?

You can return your package up to 14 days after sending your order. We do ask that you report this in advance. More about this via this link.

Can I pay securely online? 

We work with the most secure payment systems such as Stripe and Paypal. You can pay with a wide range of cards. If the tour is not successful, you can also pay by bank transfer. More about this via this link.


What materials are the jewels made of?

We work with the best quality materials. All our jewels are made from 925 Sterling silver. If these jewels are gold plated, this is with a layer of 18 kt gold. The patina we use to make the silver gray is of the best quality and does not cause any allergic reactions! 

What Gems are used? 

Our gemstones are supplied from workshops worldwide with which we have years of experience and trust in the energy and quality of these stones.

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What is the purpose of SOHOMOOOI?

In our SoHoMooi page you will find our Instagram photos from the past and present, also Atelier movies and Webshop movies. We will also photograph nice ensembles to give you some tips of jewelry combinations that are trendy.

If I like something in the SOHOMOOI, can I order it?

You can order all articles in SoHoMooi, but there are exceptions such as one-off jewellery, jewels of which we no longer have parts, stones that are no longer in stock.


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Warm regards,

Harry & Miranda

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