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Family's amulet jewelry

Soon we at Harry TiLLEY Jewels will focus on a new kind of jewelry, the Amulet/Talisman jewels for a person or the family.

We make circle or cocoon jewelry with small circles in it that represent yourself or your family members. We can also place small semi-precious gemstones in the circles, which gives extra strength and protection of the semi-precious stone. Here are a few examples.

What are Talisman / Amulet Jewels?

An amulet or fetish or talisman is an object that is stated to provide protection against danger, disease and misfortune. An amulet is more of a protector against bad luck while a talisman is mainly a bringer of good luck.


We tailor-make your Talisman / Amulet!

Choose the shape of the pendant (oval cocoon-like or circle) indicate how many small circles should be in it (you can indicate two large circles which indicate the parents and the small one for the kids) with the small circles you can also opt to have it set with a semi-precious stone pearl such as for example as in the photo with Amethyst. Then you have one last option and that is whether you want the jewel in white silver or gold plated silver. Afterwards we will send you a quote and a week later you will have your Amulet / Talisman in your mailbox.

Take a look at our original jewelry via this link

Warm regards,

Harry TiLLEY

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