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Gemstones and qualities.

Updated: May 1, 2022

Many of us are crazy about beautiful jewelry with beautiful gemstones. With jewelry it is known that in silver a silver stamp eg. 925 stands if one buys a real silver jewel, but with gemstones this is more difficult.

Gemstones come in different qualities and prices. Unfortunately, there are also many fake stones that are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the real ones if you have no experience.

Unfortunately, gemstones are regularly cheated. Stones are sometimes counterfeited and very often treated in some way to make them look better.

The clearest stones, in both color and transparency, are the most precious, so that is why people try to imitate that quality so that it yields more when it is sold.

We have been working for years with various workshops that select the gemstones for us. For our bracelets we work with a mix of natural pearls. This means that wood, enamel, Chrystal and real gemstones are also mixed in one bracelet.

For our silver jewels, these are always set with beautiful and good quality gemstones for an optimal energy of the stone. There are of course even higher quality stones for which people pay much more but which do not necessarily give more energy, you actually pay for a stone with an even nicer structure that actually does not make much difference in small stones.

For those who are looking for such a stone, it is better to buy a large stone and have it set in a jewel. You can always contact us with questions via our online chat on our website or by mail

Warm regards,

Harry TiLLEY

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