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How do I choose a jewel that suits me

There is a huge amount of jewelry to be found online, even when you go shopping you will find a wide range of jewelry. For example, you have the more expensive jewelry at the jeweler, the special jewelry at a jewelry studio, the fantasy jewelry in many boutiques, etc. Many of us have lost our way to the jewelry that really suits them and that they can enjoy for a long time and where friends and acquaintances tell you what a beautiful jewel you wear.

With this blog we will try to give a better insight into how you can best choose what suits you best, by simply asking yourself a few questions through this list.

Take a pen and paper and write down the answers to these questions here.

1.Between what budget do you want to spend on a daily jewel > Between .....€ and .....€

2.Do you want a silver-colored or gold-colored jewel

3.Do you want a fantasy, real silver, gold-plated silver or real gold jewel

4.Should the jewel be without stone, with semi-precious stone, with gemstone or be Swarovski stone

5.If you are looking for a jewel with stone, which color of stone do you like > ........

6.Are you looking for earrings, ear studs, ring, pendant, necklace or bracelet

7.You can also enter a style such as, classic, gothic, sleek, minimalist, artistic, handmade, etc, etc,.........

8.It is also best to add whether you are looking for a piece of jewelry for a woman or a man!

9.Another handy tip is if you have a shape in mind, add it such as heart, eye, rod, plate, with ridges, s-shape, round, square, ....

With all your answers on your list you have a good basis for Google to start searching, I'll give you an example.

> silver earrings, purple gemstone

> gold plated silver tight ring, handmade, man

> Round fantasy pendant, in gold colour, with green Swarovski stone

> Gold ear studs, white gemstones, sleek

> Silver plated pendant with long bar, minimalist

I hope that I can help you with this to better search online in the mass of jewelry that exist. You can always come and take a look at our webshop with a wide range of jewelry in many types and shapes and also a wide range of semi-precious stones.

Warm regards,

Harry TiLLEY

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