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NEW is coming - La vie en rose

The first steps have been taken with the construction of the new elements for a new collection "La Vie en Rose!

We regularly bring major innovations to our collections. After CONNECTED and Angelheart, it is now up to La Vie en Rose to enter our jewelery range, under the name "very original jewellery".

Why the name La Vie en Rose?

This new collection will be made up of three elements, a large sharp triangle, a small sharp triangle and a small rose. With these three elements we can build many beautiful compositions, with or without stones. The sharp edges of the roses have thorns that can sometimes prick well, to pick a beautiful wild rose you have to do something for it. The rose itself is then the soft part with the beautiful shape of the petals and the color shades. This feeling is incorporated in these elements, the strength and protection of the thorns and the love and mysticism of the flower.

Here's a photo with a small quick pic of our elements. Coming soon, is a collection that starts in the spring when our roses start to bloom.

A collection for love and protection, for the beauty and strength of women.

Warm regards,



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