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Our private sales afternoons and evenings!

Four times a year when I visit Belgium I organise numerous events, one of which are sales evenings or afternoons in private. These events are very well received with many good reactions and repeat orders.

The strength of this private sale is that guests can personally ask me questions and have custom-made jewellery. I can measure your ring size on the spot or your wrist for a nice bracelet and much more. But not to mention the atmosphere and meeting friends and family, it's also a bit of a party that way and that's what we do it for.

If you are interested in organising a sales afternoon or evening like this, you can certainly do so, via this link you will find a lot of information on how we work, you can also always send us an e-mail with questions at

For those who do not have time for this but like our jewellery, you can always drop by one of our points of sale or check out our online web shop.

Warm regards,

Harry & Miranda

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