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silver jewelry - a good investment

Updated: May 1, 2022

Silver and gold jewelry has always been a valuable investment in the past.

But first it is important to distinguish the different types of money. Jewelry is often made from sterling silver, which is pure silver mixed with other alloys (usually copper). The purity level is 92.5%, which means there are 7.5% other components. Rather, bullion is pure silver up to 98% or 99% and is normally purchased in bullion and held by investors as part of their portfolios. Either way, sterling silver and bullion are worth more than silver used for other purposes, such as currency, commonly known as "coin silver".

Many of us probably already have silver jewelry that may also be outdated. If the price of silver is high, it is sometimes worth considering having your silver jewelry melted down or brought to an agency where the silver is purchased and then converted into fine silver.

Our jewelry is all 92.5 silver (or 925 silver), so you have a piece of jewelry made of the highest quality silver content. Our collections are also timeless, you can enjoy them for so many years and still get nice reactions from passers-by. Because our collection is not limited in time, it is easier to resell it after a few years so that you can buy new again. We also guarantee that if there are any defects, we can repair them ourselves after many years, and if you lose an earring, we can also order them after many years. This way your investment in Harry TILLEY jewelry remains a good investment.

Take a moment and discover our almost 500 different jewelry online via

Warm regards,

Harry TiLLEY

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