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Why is my silver or gold plated jewel turning black?

Everyone suffers from it, silver jewelry that turns black. But why do they turn black? And what can you do about it?

Silver is a precious metal that can oxidize, blackening (oxidizing) is not harmful to your jewellery, as long as you keep polishing your jewelry neatly.

The reason that your silver jewelry turns black is due to contact with materials that contain sulfur (hydrogen sulphide). If your jewel comes into contact with this, it can turn black.

Many people think that their jewel is not real silver because it is black, that is a myth.

Coloring black indicates that it is real silver, because other metals oxidize differently.

Materials that contain a lot of sulfur are:

• Wool

• Rubber

• Elastic

• Eggs

• Perfume

• Onions

• Chlorine But contact with the skin can also cause this. How strongly your jewelry reacts to this also has to do with your diet, alcohol consumption and medication.

Sometimes you see that in certain people the sweat of their skin eats into the silver. You can also have that with gold-plated silver jewelry because the base still consists of silver.

We always advise these people to have their blood acid checked. It's not that it's bad, but it's best to check it out and consult your doctor.

Tips to get your silver neatly clean again.

The most important thing is of course to let your jewelry come into contact with sulphur-containing materials as little as possible.

Always put on your jewelry after you have applied your make-up, hairspray, perfume and other (beauty) products.

If your jewelry is black, you can often get it neat again by polishing it with a soft silver polishing cloth. If that doesn't help, we also have a good tip, you can also polish them with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You will also find liquid silver mail products in supermarkets. If you want to have your jewel new again, you can always send it to us and we will give you a quote to make your jewel new again.

Warm regards,

Harry TiLLEY



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