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The Amber stone

Updated: May 1, 2022

Amber is another word for amber in Flanders. Amber or amber is a material created from fossilized resin from trees (such as poplars and pines). In this blog we give some more information about this stone.

Metaphysical Properties

Chakra: solar plexus chakra (3rd)

Zodiac sign: Lion

Month: July and August


Amber or amber can be cleaned and charged in all ways.

Amber as jewelry

It goes without saying that the Amber is excellent to wear as jewelry. You can also offer the Amber to a good jeweler with the request to process it in a necklace, bracelet, ring or other ornament of your choice. This often leads to surprising and very original designs and solutions. There are also workshops and courses where you can process your own Amber into jewelry.

Effect and healing power of Amber

First of all, you have to realize that gems are not magic stones. The effect and healing power is often subtle and not overnight. You can also apply gems in different ways and they have a specific effect per application.

Amber has a purifying effect on the body, both physically and mentally.

Amber, like other gemstones, minerals and crystals, is sensitive to energy. By absorbing the negative energy of the wearer and giving back positive energy, amber can help to reduce or even eliminate tensions and insecurities.

In most cases it is recommended to wear amber directly on the skin, you will also feel that it radiates heat.

joint problems

The best known is the use of amber to reduce joint problems caused by wear and tear, inflammation or overload.

A sore throat

Amber also helps to relieve a sore throat. By hanging it on a short chain, you can wear the stone as close to the throat as possible.


Wear the amber as close to the airways as possible to get relief.

Mucous membranes

Irritated mucous membranes, which can be found in many places in your body, can be helped with amber. This can be in your nose, mouth, throat or your eyes, for example.

If it is not possible to wear an amber constantly on the mucous membrane, for example near your eyes, then it is possible to take a half hour to an hour of rest every day and hold the stone on the irritated mucosa in a quiet place.


Women often suffer from a bladder infection, which you notice when you have pain while urinating, suffer from back pain or pain in the lower abdomen, or urinate in small amounts.

Another indication is cloudy urine.

Here, amber can also help fight inflammation.


Kidneys are the body's washing machine. They remove waste products, regulate blood pressure and they make hormones that ensure red blood cells and strong bones. Amber also helps your kidneys to function properly.


Bacteria enter the body through a wound, so it is important that a wound is closed quickly. Amber ensures faster sealing of (small) wounds.

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