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What are photo glass Dome cabochons?

Updated: Apr 1

Photo glass cabochons are spherical glass plates with a custom-made diameter with a photo or drawing placed underneath. The spherical shape of the glass enlarges the drawing so that the drawing comes out more, a bit like a drop of water.

We thought these glass cabochons were great fun to add something new to our collection. We are currently working with a selection that we make from existing cabochons with nice drawings that fit our atmosphere. We are also thinking in the future of developing our own collection of drawings, such as horoscopes, Pantone colors, perhaps even a mini photo or a drawing of your son or daughter reduced in size in your pendant or ring.

With this project we also continue to adhere to our established value of always working with 925 silver as a base material. It is important to us as a brand of handmade jewelry that all our jewelry is in silver!

Here you will find a nice video of a series of silver rings that we have finished with these photo glass cabochons.

There will be much more coming soon with these nice glass stones.

Warm regards,



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