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2023 @Harry TiLLEY Jewellery

I wish my customers, family and friends a beautiful 2023, lots of love, health and Happinez!!!

My jewelery resolutions for 2023

As you know me, you know that I like challenges and certainly creative challenges, so this year I will concentrate on developing a men's jewelry collection.

Also because of the demand, I will also specialize more on wedding rings. I make my jewelry with love and a lot of positive energy that I think is a nice contribution to ringing couples :)

You already have many beautiful wedding rings from well-known hands such as these from Nico Taeymans, Wouters and Hendrix, Elke Smellenbergh and many more, I am going to use my creativity here to work out a beautiful collection.

My bracelets my fantasy with passion!

For years I have been making original pearl bracelets in different materials and colors. The strength of my bracelets is that they are each unique and that my elastic is so powerful that they last for years. Also this year I will continue with this fantasy branch in my collections and many new materials and compositions will be made that will certainly catch on.

I hope that my fan base will expand and that I can please many with my jewelery collection which I also try to bring to affordable prices every year!

Regards and warm hug,


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