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January birthstone

Updated: May 1, 2022

What are birthstones?

A birthstone is the stone that corresponds to the month in which you were born. There are several traditions that link stones to the twelve months of the year and the zodiac signs. You can choose a birthstone that corresponds to a specific birthday, anniversary or other significant date. One thought is that every gemstone has a certain healing effect and that if you wear the gemstone of your birth month on your skin, this has a positive effect on the properties that belong to this month. It is also said that in the Middle Ages people had a certain stone for each month and that people carried with them the stone that was strongest in the month to which they belong.

Pink Quartz

Birth stone for the month of January !

The soft pink stone that radiates rose quartz is therefore the stone of receiving love and giving love. It is therefore the ideal stone for those who are looking for love and for those who are in love. All our stones are selected with great care for the purity and quality of the stone.


Rose quartz is pre-eminently the stone of the heart and love. The stone has a strong influence on the heart chakra and opens the heart to receive and give love. The stone attracts harmonious love and friendly relationships and also promotes self-love and self-acceptance. Rose quartz has a mild, gentle effect and has a calming effect on grief and trauma and promotes empathy, openness and helpfulness. The stone is receptive to all kinds of beauty and stimulates creativity and imagination. Physically, the stone has a positive effect on the heart, genitals, sexual problems, fertility, breast and lung diseases and prevents dizziness. Finally, it helps with age-related conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

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Kind regards,

Harry TiLLEY

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