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Measure ring size

Updated: Mar 23

Buying a ring online is a problem for many of us, because you can never be 100% sure that the ring will fit perfectly. If you order a custom ring from a jewelry designer and you know your ring size, there is a 99% chance that your ring will fit perfectly. But we also have some useful tips ;)

Determine your ring size on 1-2-3! How do we get started?

The simplest way and also the best way is to measure the inner diameter of an existing ring that fits well.

What do you need

- A ring that fits well on the finger you want to buy a ring for.

- You also need a ruler.

- A smartphone with a good camera.

How do you proceed

Place the ring on the ruler, starting with placing the first line of the ruler perfectly on the inside of the middle of the ring (see photo). The Inner Diameter is your ring size when you calculate it in the table. As you can see in the photo, the inside of the ring is 19.5 mm, which corresponds to a ring size of 61.

It is important that you always send a photo as an example, so that we can assess whether the size has been measured correctly and we can get started making your ring.

We can also supply a mini ring size, which is easy to handle and can be used several times. For only 3 € this ring size will be sent to your address for free. Here it is important that you tighten the plastic ring size well around your finger to the level that you want. Some like the ring tight on the finger, others don't.

For those who know someone who does some chores and has a caliper can also do the following.

You put the ring over the and pull it open well, if possible also send a photo as shown in the picture.

Then you have the jewelers tools. This way you can measure a ring with a measuring stick. You slide the ring over the measuring stick and it immediately indicates your ring size. Please note that also use a ring that fits perfectly on the finger for which you are going to buy a new ring.

You can also do it with ring sizes, these are metal or plastic discs where you can fit your finger until the disc with the correct ring size fits best.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help.

Contact by mail: or via our Chat (bottom right page)

Kind regards,

Harry TiLLEY




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