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The power of Circle jewels

The circle is the symbol for unity, infinity and the goddess of feminine power.

Children do it naturally when they come together, adults rediscover it: forming a circle is a universal form of unity, equality and connection. In a circle the energy is different, you are each other's equal and you feel more easily seen and heard.

Sitting together in a circle is the oldest form of human social interaction. According to American psychologist and author Dr. Sharon G. Mijares, there is evidence that people gathered in a circle around the fire 300,000 years ago. Indigenous tribes still use the circle for rituals, festive ceremonies and sharing stories.

No beginning or end

The circle is the symbol of unity, connection and perfection. When people come together in a circle, they meet in equality. Because a circle has no beginning and end, the mutually generated energy can continue to circulate infinitely in the group as long as the circle remains closed. The circle can therefore have a reinforcing effect when setting a collective intention, meditation or sharing thoughts and feelings.

The magic circle

Wicca often uses a circle. The magical power of the circle is very old. Many religions used their own style of circles with signs incorporated into protective jewelry and amulets.

Amulets transport energy, feelings, thoughts and ideas without words.

Amulets are protective signs, fuel and "faithful friends" that accompany us in all situations.

Amulets are helpful when we want to turn ideas into action.

Amulets strengthen the belief in yourself, they give protection and activate the qualities you have.

Harry TiLLEY circle jewelry

Harry TiLLEY makes many circle jewels, he works a lot on the power of the circle. To give his jewelry extra strength, he mainly works with 925 silver because this is a precious metal. He also often uses circle jewelry with semi-precious stones, this combination is an extra boost because you combine the circle power with the power of the gem. He also processes the silver with a stone motif a lot, so that he hammers the silver with pure rock stones to also process the energy of the stones in the silver. Take a look at the wide range of circle jewelry for men and women, you can also ask for custom jewelry at no extra cost. More here >

Warm regards,

Harry TiLLEY team

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