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What makes Harry TiLLEY Jewelry so unique?

Those who know Harry TiLLEY know that he loves energies, you may then ask what kind of energies? The energy in materials (silver, natural gemstones, the rocks he hammers his silver on...), the energy that you pass on from your hands (Reiki), moon and sun energy, you can list it endlessly of these. Like Einstein used to calculate everything, this calculation is also based on energies.

Not only do materials have energies, shapes also have energies and also power. You see a lot of circle and oval shapes in Harry TiLLEY's jewellery. The circle thus also has its protective power and is also infinite, the oval is a softer shape and is then again more accessible. Did you know that parts of our body, a leaf of a tree and much more can be calculated using Fibonacci's golden ratio?

Here you will find a drawing of this golden section, if you were to place this drawing transparently on certain shapes or buildings, you will see that this refraction is incorporated into many forms.

Harry TiLLEY goes for jewellery with the right form and energy, giving happiness, protection and healing to the person wearing it.

Come and have a look at his range via this link ;)

Warm regards,

Harry TiLLEY Jewelry


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