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Your own text or drawing on your jewel!

Next month we will put the possibilities of our laser engravings in the picture.

Our laser is a 20W fiber laser that can engrave a depth of 1.5mm in silver so that you get a nice effect.

What we can do is engrave a text in the font you indicate in a ring on the inside or outside or on a picture that you can wear as a pendant. Which is also possible if you have a line drawing that you deliver it to us in a pure jpg / png or pdf format so that we can put it in vector to make a pure laser engraving on your chosen jewel.

Here you will find a nice example of a test we made with a ring. We engraved a leaf motif on the ring and soldered another element to it with a Buddhist text. There are limits, of course. For example, the text can have a maximum length because otherwise it will become too small and illegible. Also with regard to drawing, the drawing should not be too busy because otherwise it will become small and also unclear.

If you have any questions and are interested in ordering a jewel with name and/or drawing, please give us a call ;)

Warm greetings,

Harry & Miranda



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