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What assets do the expert traders trade?

Our expert traders are always looking for the best possible trade opportunities at any given time. These trade opportunities can present themselves within major currency pairs, some minor currency pairs, Gold, Silver, E-Mini's, and Bitcoin.

How long does a typical trade last?

Our trades are both scalping and intraday and therefore can last seconds, minutes or a few hours but all trades are closed with the trading day.

What returns can I expect?

Our goal is to grow the PAMM account by 5% per week. Although there are no guarantees on returns, we strive to make every day a green day growing the PAMM account by 1%. Some days will be less than 1%, some days will be more than 1% and there is even the chance that some days may be a losing day.

What time of the day does the PAMM account trade?

The forex market is open from Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day but 85% of the 5 Trillion dollars that is traded in the forex market each day is traded between 8am and Noon New York time which provides our expert traders the greatest liquidity and tighest spreads. For this reason, most if not all trades will happen during this time frame. If the market is not providing tradable volitility and quality trade set ups, then there is a possibility that there will not be any trades on any given day.

When can I add money to the PAMM account?

You can add funds to our PAMM account any time but take note that new funds will only be added to our PAMM account during rollover which is 8pm New York time . This means if you added funds to our PAMM account at 3pm New York Time, your funds will trade on any trades made after 8pm. If your funds were added to the PAMM account after 8pm New York time, then they will be made available for trading within our PAMM account after 8pm the following day.

Which countries CAN NOT use FXPrimus PAMM services?

FXPrimus does not offer its services to residents of certain countries/jurisdictions including, but not limited to, Australia, Belgium, France, Iran, Japan, North Korea and USA. The Company holds the right to alter the above lists of countries at its own discretion.

Do you offer a refund to gain access to the PAMM account?

NO. We do not offer any refunds and so please be certain that you are interested in this service and are NOT residence of USA, in Canada ( British Columbia, Saskatchewan, or Quebec), France or Belgium. Also note that the minimum you can deposit into our PAMM account is $1,000 USD or EUR. If you do not meet the qualifications to open an accoint with FXPrimus because of your residency or minimum deposit requirement, do not purchase our DFY Fingerprint PAMM trading service.

What is a Performance Fee?

A Performance Fee is the reward that the strategy provider (Micron PAMM traders) can receive according to performance results. Performance fees within the Micron PAMM account is set at 30%. This performance fee is calculated by a method called the high watermark method (HWM). For example; You introduced Susan to Micron Investments PAMM program. Susan has $10,000 dedicated to the Pamm account. In March, her account grew by 20% and so she made a $2,000 profit. Based on a 30% performance fee, she retains 70% of the $2,000 which is $1,400 and $600 goes to the PAMM traders.

The following month, the new high water mark is $11,400 and so Susan will only pay a performance fee of profits over and above $11,400. NOTE: Micron Investments offers a profit sharing program which means 33% of the $600 (which is $200) is given back to the Marketing Affiliate who introduced Susan to Micron Investments through our profit sharing prgram. Our profit sharing program pays out each week for profits of the previous week.

How does the Profit Sharing Program work?

When you become a Micron PAMM Follower, you will have the option to get your own FXPrimus referral link which your new referrals to the Micron PAMM program will use to open their FXPrimus account with. This "links" you to their account and allows FXPrimus to calculate and deposit your profit sharing bonus directly into your account weekly when they are available.

On your DFY PAMM set up page in the Micron back office, you will be given access to a dedicated FXPrimus Customer Service representative who will help you get your referal link.
This program can become very lucrative for Micron Marketing Affiliates who recruit DFY PAMM clients. There is no limit to how many peopel you can introduce to Micron. Hypothetical Example: You introduced MULTIPLE people to Micron Investments PAMM program. Their combined amount of funds following the PAMM prgram is 1 million dollars. In april for example, the PAMM account grew 20%. That means your referals combined profits were $200,000 for April. Your profit sharing bonus is 10% of $200,000 = $20,000 deposited directly into your FXPrimus account. You have the option to either add all or a portion of that money to your trading account or withdraw it into your bank account... the choice is yours.

How do I set up my FXPrimus account to connect to the PAMM account?

Once you have made your one time $199.95 purchase, you will receive an email from Micron Investments Ltd. with detailed instructions on how to Open your FXPrimus account, how to Fund your account and how to Follow our PAMM trading account. You will also be given a special password that is required to gain access to this PAMM account.

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