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Bracelets with that little bit more!

Ondertussen zijn er al zoveel soorten armbanden in vele materialen en kleuren en geuren. Wat wij proberen is in het grote aanbod aan armbandjes er toch nog uniek uit te komen. Wat zijn onze specialiteiten!

Pearls and natural materials for the construction!

The mix we use of natural pearls in combination with Hematite slices and coconut wood give our bracelets a powerful, fun and unique look. We also guarantee that every bracelet is different, by building our bracelets by hand and always differently.


You can order all our bracelets to size, this is very simple. Measure your wrist circumference with a tape measure or take an ordinary paper ribbon, pull it around your wrist and then place it on a ruler so that you know your wrist circumference perfectly. If you would like a tight bracelet, add 1 cm, for a slightly looser bracelet you add 2 cm, you pass this size on to us and we will tailor your bracelet to the model that you provide us with.

Our super strong elastics!

All our bracelets are made by hand in France. We have selected the best elastics for this. The elastic of the bracelet is the most important part, if it breaks quickly then the bracelet is done. We always use the best quality 1mm elastic and where we tie the elastic we solder the knot again with glue, so that the elastic has a long life, even if you wear it when swimming or showering!

Price quality

Our bracelets can best compete with other major brands in terms of price and quality, our bracelets cost between 13 and 17 €/piece and we regularly give discounts for sets. Take a look at our collection of bracelets, if you would like customization, pass on your size and the colors you like and we will make a model for free that we send via photo for approval.

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