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Create your own jewel

Updated: Mar 23

All our jewelry in our online store can be custom made, so you can request many adjustments such as a different gemstone, or the finish of the silver in gold-plated silver, or the ring in the ring size that suits you best and much more! Here we give you some tips about the possibilities.

  1. Where can I register if I want an adjustment? You can enter what you would like differently in the "CUSTOMIZED" box during checkout. We always take this into account. If there is an additional cost, we will let you know first and ask your approval.

  2. How can I indicate if I want a different gemstone? You can find all our gemstones in the list below, then simply indicate which gemstone you want in the "CUSTOMIZED" box.

  3. If I want my jewel in a different finish, e.g. in gold-plated silver instead of white silver? Simply leave a message in the "CUSTOMIZED" box at checkout that you prefer your jewel in gold-plated silver or that you want the jewel in white silver, we will then do the necessary.

  4. If I want my ring size in a size that is not indicated, can I order it? We can make all rings in all ring sizes, from ring size 48 to 60+ sizes is no problem, but additional costs may apply for large ring sizes.

  5. I see a beautiful necklace but I want it extra short or extra long, is that possible? We can make your necklace to the length you want, just enter the length in the "CUSTOMIZATION" box at checkout and we will make it to your size. Here too, as with the rings, there may be additional costs for long chains.

Here is an overview of all our semi-precious stones and also a short text with information!

For those who do not know their ring size and would like to measure it, you can order a ring size meter.

Our ring size meters are the best on the market and for only €3. This way you can be sure that you order your ring in the correct ring size.

You can also measure your ring size yourself using our tips!

If you have any questions, you can always contact us and we will work with you to find the best solution for a great result, usually without extra costs!

Warm regards,

Harry & Miranda TiLLEY



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