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The Jasper gemstone

Updated: May 1, 2022

In this blog we will talk about the natural brown Jasper stone that is now also part of the range of gemstones in our jewelry collection.

Jasper is an impure quartz variant. Jasper is a large group of opaque quartz that can display various colors and patterns. In our collections we have opted for the brown variant, the landscape Jasper.


Grounding, standing up for yourself, courage and decisiveness.

Jasper has a grounding and protective effect. The stone helps you achieve your goals and turn ideas into action. It makes you combative, decisive, persistent, determined and helps you to go all the way. Jasper also helps you stand up for yourself and gives courage, makes you resilient and assertive and reduces fear of conflict. Jasper makes you sincere, honest, helpful and ensures balance in body, soul and spirit. Jasper absorbs negative energy and in this way protects against radiation, negative influences and environmental pollution. It makes astral travel easier. Physically, the stone has a positive influence on the blood circulation, digestion, intestines and genitals.


Jasper can be cleaned and charged in all ways.

Zodiac sign


Through this LINK you can admire our jewelry with the Landscape Jasper, our jewelry is supplemented daily with new models.

We can customize all of our jewelry you find online in terms of stone and finish, just send us a message and we'll do the necessary, and this at no extra cost!



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