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Connected jewelry line

Bijgewerkt op: 13 mrt. 2022

Harry Tilley launches in September 2018 a new jewelry line called CONNECTED.

CONNECTED is a jewelry line that Harry Tilley brings to his lovely sister Kaat Tilley +.

Kaat Tilley is known as a fashion designer of her feeërieke clothing and specialized in wedding wear.

As a fashion designer, she became well known and had international clients such as Barbara Streisand and Diana Ross. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2012 due to an unexpected illness.

Harry Tilley and Kaat Tilley had a very good relationship throughout their lives and shared much of their good but also less good life moments.

To honor his sister Harry Tilley brings this jewelry line, the name CONNECTED stands as the connection he and his sister had and will continue to have.

Prachtige halssnoer uit 925 zilver met Zirconia edelsteentjes en bronze patine.
Halssnoer 925 zilver CONNECTED

Whit love to my Sister Kaat!

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