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Harry Tilley jewelry events!

Bijgewerkt op: 13 mrt. 2022

What do these events involve?

With events, Harry Tilley means the release of his jewelry collections. This can be done in the form of a Homeparty> Markets in all forms> are present on an open house in stores ect.

Harry Tilley expose to different events all over the year
Harry Tilley Events

What are we doing?

1. After confirmation event we make a leaflet in our layout about the event in question. This folder can be used to send around via all kinds of social media channels or in private atmosphere for example. a Homeparty.

2. We make a marketing plan in consultation with our host or hostess. This means that if it is only privately related then only the host or woman will send an FB event or mail to their guests. If it concerns an event with a free entrance for a wide audience, we will look together with all the possibilities to set up the best possible social media campaign for a good result.

3. We make agreements regarding fees or margins on turnover. For a Homeparty, for example, very different arrangements will be made than around an event. For all our conditions you can contact us without obligation via this LINK.

4. We have the right presentation for every event.

What do we bring?

Our motto is bringing original jewelry for young and old in different price ranges and with beautiful materials. The assortment consists of fantasy gems, unique pieces, handmade in silver with natural materials, silver rings with semi-precious stones such as Amethyst, Peridot, Ruby ... The collections of Harry Tilley, Kaat Tilley, Katrien Cambré and Josiane Douchamps are timeless and the true little pieces of art! New ones are added every season. The majority of our offer consists of unique pieces, ie one piece is made!


The surprise is always great and satisfied after every event. So we see happy buyers who have finally found their unique jewel or the perfect gift. Also the host or hostess enjoy their successful event and also their gift or% they receive as a reward!


Do not wait and contact us without obligation. Give some more information about your plans and we give a good overview of what we can offer.


You can open contact as follows

Via our website via this LINK

Via mail>

Via telephone> +33 6 29 51 07 50

Via Skype name> harrytilley

Via Whatsapp> +33 6 29 51 07 50

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