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The moss green color of Aventurine gives a natural effect in a jewel. In our silver creative handmade jewelry, this stone is certainly a plus because of its originality and also its energy. Aventurine has a calming and protective effect and gives peace and a good feeling. It helps attract happiness and prosperity, helps relax, and makes you more patient, tolerant, positive, empathetic and creative. This reduces negative feelings such as anger and irritation. We always process our gemstones in jewelry made from 925 silver, silver is the perfect precious metal to transfer the strength of the stone to the body. Harry TiLLEY also works with good gemstones and years of knowledge to create a powerful jewel.

You can also have all these jewelry made with other gemstones! You can always leave a message when ordering with instructions for customization, such as a different gemstone, or a different finish of the silver such as gold-plated silver. Read our blog about customization!

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