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Black Onyx

Onyx gives perseverance and self-discipline, Onyx also increases your analytical and pragmatic skills thinking ability. Onyx improves your focus and concentration and gives you control over your thoughts and actions. The Onyx stone is a very good stone for grieving and allows you to look back with satisfaction on the good times you had with who or what you are missing now. Melancholy and depression, for people who are sensitive to the influence of earth rays, anger, melancholy, the onyx makes these types of negative influences disappear For those who are sensitive to the opinions of those around you, wear onyx. If you often cross your boundaries, onyx can help you guard those boundaries better. For those who have nagging thoughts, fears and worries at night, Onyx carries them into the next day, where they are suddenly a lot smaller and less scary.

You can also have all these jewelry made with other gemstones! You can always leave a message when ordering with instructions for customization, such as a different gemstone, or a different finish of the silver such as gold-plated silver. Read our blog about customization!

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