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Lapis Lazuli

Spiritual development, honest communication and being yourself. Lapis lazuli is a very spiritual stone. It promotes spiritual power, spiritual skills, astral travel, enlightenment, wisdom and gives inner peace and tranquility. The stone makes you honest, sincere and helps you find and accept inner truth. It helps you be yourself and walk your own path. The stone promotes creativity, objectivity and clarity of mind. It has a positive effect on friendly and love relationships. Lapis lazuli has a strong effect on the throat and throat chakra (5th) and therefore stimulates expressing your opinion, emotions and things that bother you. Physically, lapis lazuli helps complaints of the throat, larynx, thyroid and vocal cords. It has a positive effect on migraines, sleep problems, dizziness, stress, the immune system, hearing and lowers blood pressure.

You can also have all these jewelry made with other gemstones! You can always leave a message when ordering with instructions for customization, such as a different gemstone, or a different finish of the silver such as gold-plated silver. Read our blog about customization!

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