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Turquoise is a strongly medicinal, purifying and protective stone. It brings balance: turquoise can have a calming effect and provide inner peace, but it also has a vitalizing effect in case of exhaustion. It has a positive effect on depression, mood swings, apathy and panic attacks. Turquoise provides insight and shows that you are responsible for your own happiness and thus counteracts a victim attitude and self-destructive behavior. It promotes creativity in problem solving, empathy and (romantic) love. Turquoise protects against negative energy, radiation, influences and substances from outside, has a purifying effect and balances the chakras. Physically, the stone has an analgesic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect. It supports the absorption of nutrients and has a positive effect on rheumatism, gout, stomach, eyes, the immune system and viral infections.

You can also have all these jewelry made with other gemstones! You can always leave a message when ordering with instructions for customization, such as a different gemstone, or a different finish of the silver such as gold-plated silver. Read our blog about customization!

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